Friday, January 13, 2012

plum flower | branches

 This two item I finished yesterday night, I make plum flower and branches. I use a con shape then duplicate them and group them together to make a flower shape, then color it with gradient. For making my own branches, I use path tool to create a line I want, after that stroke the line first, then go to filter > Distort > polat coordinates,  and filter > Distort > whirls and pinch, I use this two option playing with them until you get what you want. This lesson I learn it from Gimp-Tutorials' Create a Surreal Piece of Art. Below photo is my result.

con shape
flower shape
plum flower

You can do it too, make your own today.

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chubskulit said...

Very pretty Seow Wei! Thanks for joining again this week!

Harun Ar said...

Posting gambar yang indah, cantik, bagus.
Seow wei, Salam kenal ya, dari Sout Sumatera Indonesia

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