Sunday, November 13, 2011

Versatile Blogger Award

My blog created on October 18th, today is November 12th, just only one month, I got the award from mommy Kate, a mother with two kids and she also a student, she must be very busy, I really thank you Kate to give me this award, it really motivate me to continue doing digital scrapbook and keep blogging.

So what the rule of Versatile Blogger Award, first you need to thank you the person who gave you award and please do link back. Second, you need to share seven thing about yourself, and third, send it to 15 of other bloggers and let them know you have awarded them.

Here are the seven thing about me:
1. I hate cockroach, really really hate them.
2. I love coffee, specially in the morning when having my breakfast.
3. I love japanese animation, candy candy was my favorites.
4. My favorites flower is tulip.
5. I hate to eat bread as my breakfast everyday.
6. I hate to eat rice as my lunch everyday.
7. I love to drink papaya milk made by myself.

Here are 15 of bloggers awarded, please visit their blog:

Feel free to visit my other blogs, DayBreak, RecipesCollection.


unikorna said...

Thank you so much for considering me, it took me so long to reach here because I was gone today, my sister is visiting I neglected my blog a little. It is truly an honor to think about me lovely lady. Kisses and txs so much I shall do my very best to pass this on.

w0rkingAth0mE said...

thank you for passing me again this award. I think its my 3rd time to receive this ;)

kat said...

wow! I'm on the list. Thanks for passing this award to me. I will grab this for sure. Thank you so much.

Pretty Kat

kat said...

Hi Seow, posted the award already. Thanks again.

Lifestyle & Homemaking

mary mary quite contrary said...

will post this award soon! thanks for thinking of me too :) have a wonderful week!

Icar said...

thank you so much Seow Wei for this award, sorry that its too late before I was able to publish the post but then again better late than never, more power to your blogs and regards to your family esp your baby...

here's the link of my post :

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