Thursday, October 27, 2011

New Badge

This is a new badge I create, the embellishment I use are Dare To Dream's Bling Ring at the back, and a child with wearing tiara sleeping on the bed( that's me), with my blog title on top with love forever. This is also will be the favicon icon I will upload to.

Graphic design by
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Rovie said...

That badge is so cool wei... Please teach me how to do it... Hehehe...

Seow wei said...

this will be thanks to "dare to dream bundle" that bought, inside got cute alphabet, embellishment(that's the cute cute item), one thing you need is a free software to learn to create these cute thing, I choose gimp free software, you can go to, then go to the download page, after download then install. After that you can go to here:
learn the basic how to create these cute thing, you also can download the free product for practicing, then you can purchase the digikit you want to make the beautiful thing.

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